Saturday, February 15, 2014

80 DEGREES HEADED FOR 90.......!!!!

Good grief you'd think it was May rather than the middle of February.  We've really had very little cold weather and absolutely no rain so far.  Wonder what the summer will be like?  

Rosie has settled down a lot since we moved her into her own pen, which she actually goes into like it's the thing to do, thank goodness.  All that running around gets old in a hurry.  Hopefully with the clicker training she will get a little more friendly.  If it takes bribery, so be it.  I'm happy to say she doesn't seem to be a "food whore".  They are now completely off alfalfa and she is only getting 5 pounds of hay a day.  Sometimes she doesn't even eat it all, so I can only assume she had access to too much hay and was bored.  Somewhat like a lot of people these days I guess.............LOL  As much extra weight as she is carrying, it's going to take a long, long time to make a dent in it, I'm afraid. 

Gigi seems to have reached a level of comfort, with no improvement.  She is still spending time standing up, and going out of her pen.  But she is also spending time laying down.  Haven't heard from Tyler in a week or so.  Not sure how long the elongated shoe can stay on without being reset.  

We've had quite a few people come out to see the donkeys lately.  This is a good time of year for visits, when the winter visitors hit town.  Later in the spring we will probably get groups of kids from local organizations.  Once it gets hot we generally have very few people come out, which is a good thing.  All the donkeys want to do is find a shade tree to stand under, when it's so hot.

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