Thursday, February 06, 2014

LOOKS LIKE I'M BEHIND..............AGAIN.......!!!

No matter what my good intentions are, it seems like I just get farther and farther behind.  I was shocked when I checked the blog and found out it had been 5 days since I updated.  

Well actually there hasn't been a whole lot going on to write about.  Just the usual, had to take Pepper to the vet yesterday for a choke........again.  This is about the 6th time and we really couldn't tell if he had cleared or not.  In fact the phone calls to the vet were getting silly.  "Can we bring him in", "Don't need to bring him in, he's cleared".  "Maybe not, can we still bring him in?"  Finally I said let's just take him.  Nancy isn't there on Thursdays, and without a mobile vet in the area to cover, we didn't have much choice. 

Of course by the time we got there, he looked like a race horse in the gate ready to run, eyes bright, ears up and trying to knock us down.  Nancy said he looked pretty comfortable to her and we all decided not to tube him.  He has to be drugged and then it's still a wrestling match, none of us wanted to do again, since the last time.......!!! LOL

Gigi is still doing good.  We've been letting them out in the afternoon for a few hours and surprisingly they haven't been a problem to get in at all.  In fact sometimes Rosie is the first one in.  She is one strange gal.  

Our corral panels are finally coming home Friday.  We loaned them out last summer and finally had to borrow panels from some friends.  We didn't even have an extra panel to build a "redneck" squeeze to work with Rosie and Gigi.

When we started the corral shuffle, we put Boaz and Ruthie together to eat.  Almost every feeding John would have to put a halter on her to get her to the pen.  A couple of days ago she went in Frijolita's pen and wouldn't move.  Frijolita didn't seem to care, so we decided to feed Rosie in there.  It's working out just fine, she goes in there and waits for John to come with the cookie.  Probably part of the draw is, Wister and Ruger are in the next pen, at least Wister, she doesn't like him to be out of her sight.  We've got more donkeys eating together than ever before.  We're getting ready to jumble them around again.  Gigi and Rosie can't continue eating together.  When one animal is 200 pounds overweight and the other is almost underweight, it is pretty clear what's going on.  

So Quilla is going to BlackJack's old pen, which is actually an emergency pen, without shelter.  Rosie will move to his pen, and Gigi will have a pen of her own.  Rosie is going to start going out with the rest of the donkeys day and night.  We'll keep Gigi in overnight for awhile, so she can rest if she needs to and have more time to eat.  She's more than willing to move around when the gates are opened.  I hope that means she is more comfortable than she was. 


ellie k said...

The way you talk about shuffling pens around, I wonder how you can keep track of everyone. I did miss your posts and glad to read not much news, that is usually good for you guys. Thanks for the good work you do.

Tish said...

It's not too bad moving the donkeys, the big problem is straightening out the feed pans and hay buckets the 1st time or two. LOL Actually the feed pans go with the pen, rather than following the donkey. So any difference in the beet pulp, hay pellet mush moves with the donkey, but the pans don't move.