Thursday, February 20, 2014


Well, it looks like the little darling's foster home will become permanent.  Doesn't sound like they've worked at behaving themselves and fitting in very much though.  Terry and I have been comparing alternate names we have for them, she has quite a list, and I added a couple to her list she hadn't thought of......!!! LOL

Terry is an animal person, anyone that has 6 pot bellied pigs and geese, obviously isn't put off by behavior that is a little out of the ordinary.  I guess everyone including the neighbors are thrilled with them, except for George the donkey and 39 year old Zeke the mule.  Zeke has given up to the enviable of the little beasties being there.   I would imagine George, who is very sweet and gentle like my Cisco is put off by Jack's "busyness".  Cisco never liked him either and didn't want to be around Jack at all.  Unfortunately Jack could care less and just presses on with his agenda, if he ends up in their face, so be it.   

From what Terry says Jack and her big horse Leo are bonded.  We knew Jack liked horses, whenever there were horses in the neighborhood, he would do all he could to get as close to them as possible.  He'd try to talk to them, not sure that squeaky little piggy voice wasn't a turn off.  I never saw any of the horses get excited over what he had to say.  

This will be an excellent home for them, and they will keep everyone, human or animal on their toes.  

This morning we checked the bandage on Gigi's hip.  It was such a mess when she came in I haven't really been paying much attention, just changing the bandage when needed.  I gave it a good look this morning and there's no sore there, it's just an area about the size of an orange, that is completely bare of hair and I don't see any hair growing in.  I would imagine over the years she's had bed sores on that hip from having to lay down so much, and eventually it destroyed the hair follicles.  Right now the winter hair is covering the bare spot, but I would imagine this summer it will be bare.  

I also noticed the knee on her worst front foot, the one with the elongated shoe is getting chewed up from her laying down in the sand.  So I put a knee cover left over from Pepper and Daisy having the same problem on her.  Let me say, she does NOT appreciate any touch below her back.  So to get the cover on tight enough to stay on was a lot of fun.  John was shoveling animal crackers in the mouth and I was trying to get the Velcro done.  She's getting better, but there's a long ways to go.  

I wish I had more time to work with her and Rosie, but don't think that's going to happen anytime soon.  ANY VOLUNTEERS..........???   LOL


The Dancing Donkey said...

If it wasn't for the 3000 mile commute....:)

Tish said...

Yes that commute would rather defeat the purpose wouldn't it? Eventually we'll get some training done, it's just going to take longer than it should. Donkeys are so cooperative usually, they almost end up training does take time, which it seems like I don't have much of these days. As I always say, "I'm not bored"..........LOL