Saturday, February 08, 2014


We decided to separate Gigi and Rosie at feeding time last night.  Gigi kept their old pen and we were going to move Rosie into Quilla's pen and put Quilla in BlackJack's old overflow pen.  The catalyst to all this fiddling was Quilla's pen shares a side with the girls pen.  That seemed like a lot of disruption just to get the girls into a pen of their own.  We decided to "try" to entice Rosie into BJ's old pen, which stands by itself, but is only about 5 feet from their pen.  

John started trying to get her to follow a cookie, which worked up to the opening.  She stood there for a few seconds and took off.   John continued to round everyone up and I stayed in the feedroom, so as not to open the door at the wrong moment when he might be trying to entice her again.  I looked out and saw him down by the mini pen, so figured it was safe to open the door.  When I did, Rosie was in the pen with the gate shut, looking at me........!!!  When John came to the feed room I told him they would be calling him the Ass Whisperer...........!!! He said he was rounding up, glanced at the pen, and Rosie was standing in it, looking at him like, "Was this what you wanted me to do sucker?"....!!  She does have a way of looking at you that makes you feel like she doesn't think you're too bright.....!!  LOL  I'd like to get some time to work with clicker training with her.  I bet she would take to it like a duck takes to water.

This morning she followed John into the pen like she had been doing it for years.  Gigi is a little upset, she had been in the same pen since she was born, and after Rosie's baby and Gigi's mom died, it had just been the 2 of them.  But this morning she isn't hanging around the side of the pen where Rosie's pen is, so I guess she's accepting the change.  This way she will have her own hay and Rosie won't have access to it. 

Rosie will be going out except at feeding time, like everyone else, she and her fat pockets need the exercise.  We'll keep Gigi in at night for awhile, so she has time to eat her hay and also be able to rest if she wants to.  She's actually walking pretty good, and when she is out, goes all over the place. 

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