Friday, February 14, 2014


 Rosie is "getting" it.......!!!   We haven't progressed any further than touching the target, but she is quite enthusiastic about the "game" so far.

Unfortunately so is everyone else.  Most of the donkeys have been thru at least touching a target at sometime in their lives.  Obviously they haven't forgotten.  It's really hard to concentrate when you are in a pen with one donkey and 8-10 others are around the outside, pushing and grunting or downright braying at the thought of her getting to play the game and they can't.

After I finished with her and went outside I had to at least do a click or two with everyone.  Jeesh!  I think next time I will try to work with her before they are out of their pens..........LOL


wenparl said...

Hurray! I KNOW that feeling! I'm working with our 'four' b/c one of our herd, Paco, needs to overcome a number of fears. I can totally relate to working with one while the others whine at the gate for their turn! So rewarding to see the progress though, isn't it!

Tish said...

Yes it's fun to watch them figure it out. Of course once they do, then you have to work to keep ahead of them..........!!!! LOL