Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Yesterday John left a rather large can of assorted screws in the golf cart.  He & Steve,  a volunteer had been working on the well house, trying to cover all the wood, so the donkeys can't eat it.  It has started looking some what like a large piece of Swiss cheese, Cheyenne in particular seems to love the taste of siding. 

John comes in yelling & screaming about damn donkeys etc.  It seems the little darlings had discovered his can of screws.  Donkeys are worse than cats when it comes to finding something that wasn't there the last time they looked.  By the time he found it the plastic can was pretty much flattened, & the screws were strewn in a pattern like someone had the edge of the can in their mouth, & preceded to fling it around until the "neat" rattling sound quit.  I thought it was funny, but then again I didn't have to sift thru the dirt & gravel, looking for screws.  LOL  

We had some visitors today, one couple had been here last year they said, their friends were visiting from Pennsylvania.  Judging from the horrible weather on the east coast, they said they are glad they aren't home.  Hopefully it will be better by the time they leave, although I think they are flying home this week-end, not much time to fix things.  

Looks like Gus & his "bud" Quilla will be going up to Claire's next week for the winter.  Claire said her pasture is brown & has quit growing, so they should be OK.  Courtney is coming this week to do a "final" trim on Gus & work on Jenny.  Gus is still walking around like his feet don't bother him, but they are getting long enough she should be able to trim a little off without doing anything drastic.  

Jenny's foot is going thru some more changes, it seems like everyday it looks different, sometimes good & other times not so good.  Today was a not so good day visually.  But it doesn't seem to bother her much if at all, she goes everywhere, & "insists" on getting out of her pen.  The people today were a little late for their tour.  As usual the donkeys stayed in their pens after breakfast, so as the morning moved along they started letting us know that it was time for them to be out.  By the time the people got here & we did the tour, Jenny was more than ready to get out.  What that means is you better watch her & yourself, or you will probably get knocked somewhere you don't want to be.  She uses that big old head as a weapon.  Pepper does the same thing, but he's a little easier to handle. 

Speaking of Steve the volunteer, Tula took a treat from him yesterday.  That makes about 5 times in 8 years or so, that she has taken a treat from someone.  I think all the others were women.  Steve said maybe she is coming around, until I burst his bubble by telling him how long she has been here. 

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