Thursday, October 25, 2012


The 26th of October is Mule Appreciation Day, as we found out when we were trying to figure out when Donkey Appreciation Day is.  What we found out is, there is no special day for donkeys.  I find that sad, considering there are special days for just about everything else.  

These are pictures of crotchety old Jack.  He's blind in one eye, doesn't hear very good, & doesn't have enough teeth to make a difference.  His owner of 17 years was going to shoot him because when he went blind in the one eye, he got real spooky & the guy couldn't trust him.  He's still spooky, but we've learned not to come up on his left side, & to make as much noise as possible when we do come up to him.   

I had my other cataract removed today, & will have to go into Tucson tomorrow for a follow up appointment.  So far I am quite pleased with both eyes, although so far my glasses are pretty blurry.  They said I can't get new glasses for 3 or 4 weeks until my eyes stabilize .............. hmmmm ...........  this might get interesting.  Unless my vision gets clearer, I don't think I could drive, & I'm sure I'll find a lot of other things that I can't do.  I guess this is one of those things that will be great when it's over, but in the meantime, WHAT A PAIN.........!!!!!

Today John had to take me in at "O dark thirty" for the surgery.  He threw me out & headed back home to take care of the animals.  Our nephew waited for me & took me to his house, until John could get back into town to bring me home.  It's great living out in the boonies, until you need to do something in town that interferes with chores.  John had to leave the "fur" kids in their pens & we didn't get home until about 2pm to let them out.  You talk about a grumpy bunch of critters.........!!!!!   They made sure we knew how unhappy they were.

Seems like right now I'm doctoring more than usual.  Of course Jenny's re-sectioned foot is a daily treatment.  Right now, Buddy Brat has a little tumor on his sheath...........Equaide.  Cisco has some kind of crud in his ear.  The vet "thinks" it might be mites or something.  Suggested Animax which seems to be making a difference.  He also said something about getting ear mite treatment for cats & trying that.  But so far the Animax seems to be working.  Of course I still have to keep Thuja Zinc Oxide on Cisco's sheath to keep the flies from landing on it, which makes him get on the ground & scratch himself bloody.  Zinc Oxide on Gus & Quilla's front legs, when the stable flies have chewed off what hair they have & tried to make a bloody mess out of their legs.  Boaz came back from his weed control gig, with a few habronema larvae on his face in a couple of spots.  I sent 3 fly masks with them, they lost them, & Karla said she found areas of her 5 acres she had never seen before, but didn't find the masks.  Boaz doesn't seem to have a healthy immune system, so as soon as the barrier wasn't there, the flies took advantage of the situation.   

Looks like Chantilly will be going to a new home soon, we will do a home study next week.  Lilly lost her companion a few weeks ago, & is very lonely.  Her Mom & Dad came out & zeroed in on Chantilly.  They seemed like very caring people & it should be a great home for a shy little sweet girl.  

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