Sunday, October 28, 2012


When they checked my eyes Friday, I checked out at 20/20.  That's not really a far stretch, I've usually tested with good eye sight, just very very far sighted & a lazy eye that goes where it wants to, which glasses have "fixed" since I was 18 months old.  

When I told the doctor I couldn't see out of my glasses, he wasn't surprised.  I also told him my depth perception was really messed up.  Again he wasn't surprised........!!!!   Hmmmm, "me" thinks he knew a lot more about what was going on than I did......!!! 

I asked him if this was going to be permanent, he said if my eyes continue to work together & the weak eye strengthens, so the other one doesn't over ride it, that it will be permanent, so good bye tri-focals.   In fact he told me to go to the drug store & get a pair of 2.50 reading glasses, which seem to work just fine for now.   

Let me say this has been quite a shock, I didn't realize I had so many wrinkles, let alone bags under my eyes.  YIKES, maybe ignorance is bliss...........!!!!  LOL  No wonder when people find out I drive a race car, they usually react the same way, an incredulous "you drive a race car?"  I look like I ought to be sitting in a rocking chair, with my shawl, complaining because it's cold..........!!!! LOL

My next appointment is in 10 days, & I am going to ask Dr. Kuzman if this is a miracle or does he do things like this every day.  It might not be a miracle to him, but it certainly is to me. 

Everyone seems to be doing good right now.  It's really cooling off at night, as low as 30 degrees, so the fly population is getting smaller & smaller.  We have some little buddies that are doing their best to help with eradicating the flies.  

In the fall every year the Praying Mantis' get on the fly traps & stay there for days eating flies.  I just wish they were bigger so they could eat more flies.......!!!  I checked the other day & out of 5 traps, 4 of them had a little buddy, "shopping".  They are all the exact same size, not sure what that means, no little ones or bigger ones. 

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