Saturday, October 13, 2012

Had fun at Mike & Zeke's annual walk-a-thon for charity.  This year they walked for Care for the Horses in Sierra Vista & for us.  I actually walked the 1st 4 miles along with Ann Jost the founder of Care for the Horses, as the horse riders left us behind.  Zeke stayed with us though, I guess our pace was pretty close to donkey speed.  

He did have an affinity for the goodies growing along the side of the trail, going from side to side to try to snatch a mouthful.  I looked back one time, & Mike had dismounted & just turned Zeke loose.  Zeke was having a great time, wandering & eating, didn't seem to bother him, that we were getting farther & farther ahead of him.  Mike finally climbed aboard again, & actually for the final few miles, Zeke stayed up with the horses.  For a donkey he has a pretty fast walk............if he wants to.  

Tonight is my last night of racing.  For some reason the "powers to be"  seem to love to "mess" with the Hornet races.  They have made us run the opposite direction, which is really interesting.  Last race night we race half the main event one direction & halfway thru, they stopped us & had us run the other way.  Actually I didn't finish the race, my motor said, "I'm done", right after they stopped us to make us go the "wrong" way. 

Tonight they are adding laps to the main event, so instead of running 15 laps we'll be running 25.  And they are going to invert the field by points.  What that means is the higher you are in the points the farther back you will start the race.  Oh! goodie this should be interesting, I am in 5th place for points, so I will start in the 3rd row from the back, with the hotshots all behind me.  John said to let them pass me, & then get on their bumper & let them make a path thru the other cars.  Sounds great in theory.........BUT........sometimes those "paths" close up real quick, or 2 or 3 cars try to fit into 1 space.  I just hope I can finish, & hopefully have a decent finish.  I'll be driving the poor little underpowered Toyota from last year.  John hasn't started working on the Kia motor yet, so it's me & the Toyota.  Wish me luck............!!!!


Witcheylady said...

How absolutely COOL that you got to ride Zeke!

Tish said...

He is such a sweetie, nothing fazes him.