Monday, October 08, 2012

Went down to Tombstone as planned to do some further planning with Teresa this afternoon.  I think Teresa knows everyone in town, as we walked up the street, she kept stopping to introduce me to someone.  She started to introduce me to one dirty looking "miner", & then said "oh you guys already know each other".  HUH?  Didn't look like anyone I knew, until he started talking about how well the donkeys were getting along.  He is Thelma's "Dad", but I had never seen him "dressed" for Tombstone before.  

He said they are getting along just fine, Eeyore is smitten with her & follows her everywhere.  They call her Roo, I think he said the name is from the movie with Eeyore in it, but I'm not sure.  To say I have been out of the movies for years & years is an understatement............!!!!  LOL  Especially cartoons, although I guess they don't call them cartoons anymore.  There I go, dating myself again.  

Where the donkeys, probably Cisco & Buddy Brat, will be on display is inside the wooden fence where they have the big shootout shows 3 times a day for half an hour.  Lots of shooting & screaming & shooting........!!!!  Teresa was worried about the loud noise.  Cisco had a guy shoot a rifle over his back in the Gundown movie a couple of years ago & didn't even flinch.  

When I got home I told John we were going to have to shoot off a gun probably the 16 gauge shotgun.  So after we got everyone in their pens, John first shot in between the 2 sets of pens.  The only one that freaked was Ruthie, she wasn't impressed at all.  Frijolita looked around like she was interested in what made the noise ears up & curious.  Unfortunately Frijolita does not "enjoy" people for the sake of people, only if they have treats.  Otherwise she would stand in the corner & just stare at them, wondering where the treats were. 

Then he went down by the minis, Cisco & Buddy.  As I thought, Cisco didn't even wiggle, Buddy kinda looked around, but no big deal.  

Then we went down by Chantilly, she's the only one in that row of pens that would even be a possibility to go.  Rusty & Jack are mules, Tula is wild as a March hare, & Gus is just getting over 3 different bacterial infections, so he's not going out where there might be some other kind of bacteria for him to catch.....!!!  I'd love to take him, he absolutely loves people, especially children, a perfect ambassador for donkeys,  but don't want to take a chance on him picking up something new.  

Wasn't no big deal for Chantilly either, but she can get a little nippy, especially if she thinks people should have treats & they don't.  She's such a pretty girl, & is looking for a Forever Home, but we'll probably leave her home. 

There is one tiny little glitch we hadn't planned on.  We have to be down to Fairbank for the start at 9am, which means we will have to start feeding about 5am probably.  The donkeys will not have time to finish eating, so we can let them out.  Lysa usually comes on Friday, which would work out just fine, she'd come, clean pens, & let everyone out before she left.  BUT, she told John today her & the family are planning on going to the Grand Canyon for the week-end & plan on leaving either Thur or Fri.........!!!!  I think we'll probably feed as planned, drive down to get there at  9am as planned, set the donkeys up as planned, but then one of us will come back home & let the donkeys out.  It won't take that long, but I hate to miss anything.  I had planned on going back & forth between walking with Zeke & Mike, & sitting at the table with the donkeys.  But with the change in plans, we'll just have to see how it works out. 

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