Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Ed Shieffelin Monument
 Tombstone, Arizona
Another picture from the Mike & Zeke Walk-a-thon last Friday.  

All the feedback sounds like everyone had a great time & are already planning for next year.  Mike & Teresa want this to become an annual event to raise money for good causes, & the interest to have it continue seems to be high.  So mark your calendar for next year in October to join in the fun.

I managed to hang onto my 5th place finish for end of the year points with the race car, Saturday night.  I stayed out of trouble, well for the most part.  The car started over heating the last few laps & when I pulled into the pits, John wanted to know who I ran into with the front of the car, that was now squashed against the radiator, which is why it was getting hot, couldn't get enough air to cool the motor.  

I have no idea who I hit, I was too busy trying to stay out of trouble.  Guess I didn't try hard enough............. !!!!!  LOL  Someone usually puts videos of the races on U-tube, so maybe we will get a chance to answer John's curiosity.  

I've been using Equaide on Jenny's foot for the proud flesh.  Sunday I was really impressed with how much of the proud flesh literally crumbled off her hoof.  Monday morning a lot more came off.  Although I still don't have a scapel, John does have a real sharp box knife.  I decided to try to clean it up & get rid of some of the cracks & crevices, get it a little smoother & more even.  I was doing great, it was looking nice & smooth, except for a rough spot over to the side.  Took a swipe at it with the box knife, & blood started spurting out like if you have a small hole in a garden hose.  

Pressure will usually stop it, but your victim has to be willing to stand still & quit wiggling, which Jenny usually isn't willing to do.  After a few minutes of wrestling with her, I had Lysa go get the Wonder Dust. It works great, as a blood coagulate, & it didn't take long for it to do the job.  This morning John cleaned it up & used the Equaide again.  

The reason John was doctoring this morning is, I was in getting a new lens put in one eye, so he & Lysa were doing chores.  They said it might take a week for the eye to stabilize, without some blurring.  So far I've noticed that colors are much brighter & everything looks very clean with sharp edges.  I've also noticed a halo around lights at night, hopefully that won't be permanent. 


Anonymous said...

The horse on the left in the pic looks like it has never seen a donkey before. Keep up the great posts I really enjoy reading them here in Florida.

Tish said...

Horses can be so funny about donkeys sometimes, they panic & the donkey just looks at them like they are goofy. Glad you enjoy the blog, sometimes it's not so much fun to "live" it.......!!!! LOL