Tuesday, October 02, 2012


This is what Jenny's foot looks like when it bleeds

I figured Dr. Megan might as well come out & see what she thinks of Jenny's foot & see if there is something else we should be doing.  I sure like having a mobile vet in the neighborhood again...........!!!!

She was pleased with the hoof growth at the coronet, it is coming in smooth & hard.  Of course right below it is where the abscess popped a few weeks ago & it is squishy & icky.  But like she said & I had already thought of, if it's open that a good thing, as long as there is any foreign "stuff" in there.  She said to continue giving her SMZ & soaking a couple of times a week.  So I guess I wouldn't have needed her to come out, except she did take x-rays to compare with the ones taken up at Gilbert, when Jenny was up there in April.  It will be good to know what's going on in there for sure..........as long as it's improvement, don't want to hear anything else.  

All in all a good experience & Jenny actually was a good girl, raised her foot when needed & didn't try to lean on the Vet. Wasn't real happy with the x-ray business, but I have seen her worse.  According to the clinic at Gilbert she not only kicked but actually landed a good one on one of the techs.  I've never seen her kick, although she will lean on you or use her head to slam you up against a wall or corral panel, if given the opportunity. 

Dr. Megan said the bleeding is probably because there is so much blood in the area of the new granulation tissue, that it doesn't take much to make it bleed like crazy.  At least I think that's what she said, I need to get a tape recorder, I sometimes think I forget more than I remember, when someone tells me something........!!!

We only have one more night of racing the 13th of October.  Unfortunately last Saturday night I blew another motor.  We're beginning to think Kia Sephias don't have the endurance a Toyota Tercel has......although it is faster...!!!! LOL  So John went to the guy that had borrowed the Toyota & got it back.  That was the deal originally, he could borrow it, but if I needed it to race for points I'd take it back.  He had wrecked it a few weeks ago, & it was sitting in a shop with money owed on it, so he didn't fight too hard.  He had painted it blue & yellow (UGH), so John is busy getting it ready to paint.  Stopped on the way home from picking it up & got about a dozen cans of spray paint...........!!! LOL

AFTER, I hope......Hard to believe it's the same car....!  This is from last year. 

He is going to "try" rebuilding one of the Kia motors.  He's a Chevy man, could rebuild a Chevy with his eyes closed I think...........BUT..........according to him, there is a lot of difference between a Chevy & a 4 cylinder overhead cam motor.  I'm sure he'll figure it out, & there's some guys around that should be able to help him, if he gets stuck.  

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