Monday, October 22, 2012

Here's the old man, Pepper.  Right now it's hard to believe a couple of months ago, he was down, disorientated, confused & we were talking about euthanizing him.  He's pretty much like the Energizer Bunny I guess, or a Timex watch, at least I think it was a Timex, "takes a licking & keeps on ticking" according to John Cameron Swazee in the 1950's.  

We brought Boaz & BlackJack home this afternoon from their weed control gig.  They haven't lost any weight I'm sorry to say.  Karla has been brushing them, so they both look nice & shiny.  

I sent 3 fly masks with them & they've been gone for a couple of weeks.  Karla said she has walked all over the 5 acres & can't find them, in fact she made another sweep right before we got there to pick them up, no masks.......!!!!  

Got home, the boys came out of the trailer happy as clams, & Ruthie went over to Boaz right away.  Then everyone started running, not sure why.  Boaz usually chases the girls, especially Frijolita, who is afraid of him.  But he was just standing, watching the show.  Maybe the girls were trying to impress the boys, who knows..........!!!!

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