Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Poor Jenny, she might think this is what her "health" care is coming to.  I've been watching a "glob" on her hoof where the abscess blew a few weeks ago.  When the vet was here she didn't say much about it, just that it needs to grow out.  

A few days ago it looked to me like it might be getting bigger & of course every few days it would bleed like crazy.  A couple of days ago, I poked it with a knife & Jenny didn't react..................Hmmmmmm..........possible proud flesh? 

Never give someone with a little bit of knowledge, tools with which to do something.  First I pulled & pushed on it.  No reaction, then I cut at the base with scissors, just a little bit.  No reaction to that.............so, it's time to either press on or back off.  I've had a scalpel for years, have no idea why I bought it, but it's been up in the cabinet, still sealed, just waiting for an opportunity to do it's thing, I guess.  

I've watched vet's remove proud flesh, so I know what happens, as soon as you start cutting, blood gushes.   Couldn't ask John  to help, blood makes him queasy, so it was just Jenny & I.  She was eating her hay, & since there are no nerves in proud flesh, it doesn't hurt when you cut into it.  Just took a second or two to cut off whatever was outside the hoof wall, took a lot longer to slow down the bleeding.  I finally covered it with Wonder Dust a caustic product I hate, but it does a good job of taking care of proud flesh & she didn't even act like anything had happened.  I'll watch it closely, hopefully it will go away, without a bunch of drama.  

Heard from Boaz & BlackJack's weed control boss today.  She said about another week & they should have most of the weeds eaten down, so we'll go get them the 22nd. 

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