Thursday, November 01, 2012

Can I keep him?

We're waiting for Courtney to show up to trim Gus & Jenny & it's after 6pm.  I don't know when she sleeps, & I'm pretty sure she never has time to wonder what she could be doing, because she is caught up with nothing to do............!!!! LOL

Jenny's foot is falling apart, I'm hoping that trimming it shorter will help take pressure off the hoof wall.  It has so many cracks in the hoof you can watch it squirm when she walks.  But walk she does, she hasn't given up & we won't either unless we have to.  She's still on antibiotics & there is a little drainage from the cracks.  The drainage is clear, which I hope is a good thing. 

Pepper got down on his right side this afternoon for the first time in weeks.  John flipped him over on his left side & after a couple of minutes he popped up & took off.  He doesn't fight us anymore when we try to flip him, which really makes it a lot easier.  John was getting ready to leave for town, when I found him thank goodness.  I haven't tried to flip him by myself, not sure I can, don't want to try.  

We will be taking Chantilly to her new home next Tuesday.  We did a home study yesterday & it should be a good home, although Lilly her new best friend is quite precocious.  She's a little bit "in your face".  Chantilly is rather shy, so I hope Lilly isn't too much for her.  They'll have about 3 acres of desert brush to roam, with 2 mares.  Lilly had been real close to Sonny an old horse they had to put down a couple of weeks ago & she has been odd man out with the mares, they won't let her into the "inner" circle.  Lilly was running the fence chasing the dogs on the other side for fun when we were there.  Maybe Chantilly will have a calming effect on her..........!!!!!  LOL

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