Friday, November 02, 2012

Courtney got here last night & did some trimming.  With Gus she just took a little bit off all over the bottom, didn't try to lower the heels or shorten the toes.  If he likes them the way they are, so be it.........!!!  He's walking just fine this morning, she was worried that anything she did might upset his walking.  

She agrees, Jenny's rear foot looks horrible.  She is still on antibiotics, & the x-rays taken a few weeks back, looked decent & didn't show any infection anywhere.  But since then she's blown an abscess on the front on her hoof about half way down.  The area just keeps getting more cracked & now is up into the coronet band with an open slit about 2 inches long.  

I have a call into the local vet clinic to see if Dr. Megan can come out again & evaluate the situation.

The good news is, Courtney thought her front feet looked good.  She's wearing boots all the time on the fronts, & it seems to be making her more comfortable, so she walks around more, which helps to improve the circulation in her feet, we hope.  

Heard from Honcho & Simmons new Mom.  She said they are doing just great, & are really entertaining.   Cindy seems to appreciate Honcho's overbearing personality, which is wonderful.  Not everyone would think he was "cute", when he pulls some of the stunts he is capable of pulling.  She says now that it's cooling off, she wants to start clicker training, at least with Honcho.  He knows the basics & is a big show-off, so they should have a lot of fun. 

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