Friday, November 23, 2012

Managed to get the bird & it's accompanying goodies cooked & ready at the same time......!!!!  It's been so long since I "did" Thanksgiving, I wasn't sure I could get it done.  I actually had some down time in the morning, which was a surprise.

This is a picture I took of Laura, Olivia, John, Boaz & a little bit of BlackJack in the background, as they were getting ready to leave.  They were here for 3 days & really were a lot of help.  Olivia wants to be a vet, & from what I saw she will be a good one.  

Speaking of Boaz, I got a call this afternoon from a neighbor to tell me one of the donkeys was out & about down by her place.  I went out & told John Boaz was out.............!!!!  Didn't even have to think about who it was......Ha!  John said this morning Boaz came in "flying low" & braying from Burroland & ran in his pen, like he was late.  Now we think he was probably out & ran to catch up.

Anyway we went out with the golf cart, & there he was in the wash headed for the San Pedro River bed, hesitate to call it a river, since it very rarely has water in it.  I jumped out to try to head him off, & told John to take off towards home & I'd run him down the road, towards the gate, that John was going to open.  

I started down the wash, & when I got close to him, he jumped up the bank, which wasn't an easy jump.  As he was scrambling up the bank, & I got closer to him, he lunged up the bank & took off like someone had set his tail on fire.  Usually when a donkey is running they run along with their head turned to one side, bopping along at a pretty good speed.  He had his head down & running as fast as I've ever seen one run.  I tried to run up the bank to keep up with him, which wasn't a real brilliant idea, I fell in the process.  Of course he was still "picking them up & putting them down".  When I got to the road, John was still there, & said Boaz leaped past him, ran over to our fence & went thru like it wasn't even there.  Hmmm, last time he got out which hasn't been too long ago, John went down to that area & fixed where he thought the problem was.  Obviously not.........!!!!  But in the process Boaz showed John exactly where the fence had dragged the post on the bank, down into the wash, which made the existing fence about 18 inches high.  Didn't even slow him down.......but John shut off Burroland for the night & has plans for fixing the problem tomorrow.  Why do I think that Boaz is going to end up showing John every weakness in his perimeter fence......!!!! LOL

While we were down there we noticed Jack the mule laying down in the wash.  It looked like he was just rolling.  But tonight when he came in, he was acting like he was in pain, John came in & said he thought Jack was colicing.  He has gut sounds, but has his tail out away from his body & acts like he trying to pass gas.  He is so hard to work with, although I did manage to get Colic Relief down him.

This is later & no change in Jack, I can't really say he is acting like colic, but without a vet it's beyond my knowledge to know what else it could be.  He seems to be in pain & is actually letting us work with him, which is unusual for him.  I even gave him a shot of banamine.  We quit giving him vaccinations years ago, because he would just explode if the needle touched him.  He didn't even move when I gave him the shot.  Banamine is a good pain, inflammatory medication & is often given for colic.  As usual if anything is going to happen, it will happen on a week-end or holiday.  Although we now have a mobile vet, she lives about 50 miles away..........SIGH  The clinic up at Gilbert always has students or interns working with them & they live just across the road from the clinic in a house.  Don't know if the clinic owns it or not, but it's certainly convenient.

 My idea of heaven would be a local clinic with at least 3 vets in the office, that lived close to the clinic.  They could take turns being on call, so there would be 24/7 coverage.  Unfortunately I don't think there would ever be enough business in this area to justify such a clinic.   

Took a picture of Jenny's foot this morning.  I know to most people it looks really icky, but it actually is looking pretty good, well except for the proud flesh.  The sugar/ betadine poultice  seems to be drying out the drainage.  I hope it continues to improve.

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