Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 This morning John had his first cataract removed.  I guess I was so thrilled with mine, he decided to try it.  He already says things are much brighter, that's what I first noticed too.  

Our son, grandson, & great grandson will coming out from Tucson for Thanksgiving this year.  I have "squirmed" out of fixing dinner for years, but guess it finally caught up with me.....!!! LOL  Hope I can remember what to do.  Actually it isn't the "what to do", it's getting it to come out "on time".  I use to do this for large groups when John was in the Air Force, but I've gotten out of the habit..........!!!   Mother wouldn't want to go out to eat, so it started out I was going to cook for the 3 of us.  But you know how those things go.  We are even adding Laura & Olivia her daughter, that are here this week volunteering.  Olivia wants to be a vet in a few years, & they like to go to different rescues & sanctuaries away from home to volunteer.  They are really good help, I hope I can find enough to keep them busy.....!!!  

Yesterday I went to town & brought home sacks of feed in the pick-up.  We hauled in the groceries, came in the house, & promptly forgot about the feed.  Looked out a few minutes later & there was a "herd" surrounding the bed of the pick-up, although Rusty the mule was about the only one tall enough to actually "partake" of the goodies.  John went out, tried to run them off, & moved the pick-up to the container where we store feed.  It's up by the garage & guess what he found up there?  Let me give you a hint...........he had also forgotten to close the garage door, where we store the garbage bags to take to the landfill.  The ones that hadn't found the hay pellets in the truck, had found the open door that led to those fascinating  plastic bags that must have smelled good.  John said they had scattered garbage from the container all the way past the hay barn.  I wondered why it took him so long to move the pick-up & unload 3 bags of feed......!!!   He was busy, chasing donkeys & cleaning up garbage....!!

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