Sunday, July 04, 2010

Friday we went to visit with Susan & the 2 jennies, Martin & Sandy.  Susan had the pen ready, & I brought all my toys, like, ropes, halters, whips, (no chains) & even a pig paddle, (sounds like a rattlesnake) & of course treats.  

I asked her which one was the "friskiest" & she said Sandy, so I figured might as well start with her.  But 1st John & I had to get them in the pen, when they have probably 1/2 acre or more to look at us & think to themselves, "I don't think so".  Of course it was early afternoon, so it was hotter than blue blazes.

At first it seemed like it was really going to be a challenge, but we moved slow & all of a sudden after a few false starts, they both went in the pen.  We ran Martin out, & it only took about half an hour of working with Sandy & I could scratch her, stick my fingers down her ears & put the halter on her nose, & take it off & on.  Let her out of the pen & she let me go up to her & scratch out in the large area & even let Susan do some scratching.  

Next was Martin.  She did real good too, they've just learned to be evasive, they never kicked, didn't try to run me down or anything like that, they were good girls.


Susan is going to work with them, hopefully she will be able to get them in the pen by herself.  Once they learn the routine it shouldn't be a problem, but until they do, they will try to give her the run around.  The primary objective is to get their long feet trim as soon as possible.  We talked about taking them to the vet again for a happy shot so they could be trimmed.  That would give some time to get them use to having to behave themselves, when people want them to. 

I found a man that advertises working with hard to trim equines & he is willing to come out & trim them now.  He said he usually can get the job done.  Wow!  I'm willing to give it a try.  Otherwise we will have to haul them out here, overnight, get the vet & trimmer in the same place at the same time, & then take them home.  This sounds much easier, even though we will of course be there for the trimming.  

I got a call yesterday about a donkey found in the desert.  The people don't have equines, so she's trying to find a place for him.  We are "SO" over our self imposed limit.......!!! SIGH!  I gave her a couple of leads & so far she hasn't called back, so hopefully it will work out without us having to get involved.  

Friday since we were in the neighborhood, we took some hay to Georgette for Remington.  She was going to show us how his training is going, but we got there while he was eating ,  he got grumpy & stood out in the field, probably glaring at us the whole time we were there.  He's become the neighborhood entertainment, quite a few people that walk their dogs or exercise, stop & "visit" with him, so he's getting a lot of interaction with different people.  Georgette said he really looks forward to the people stopping by, & enjoys some children that live across the road.  Of course he has no donkey friends right now, so people & dogs are just about it. 

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