Wednesday, July 07, 2010

I found a trimmer that specializes in "problem" equines.  He doesn't use drugs or scotch hobbles or anything like that.  Said he can usually get the job done.  So we are all going to meet at Susan's next week, & give it a go........!!!  She said she's been working with Sandi in the pen, but Martin so far hasn't gone in for her.  I told her to work with them as much as she can between now & then.  Ernie is going to bring his daughter with him, she's learning to trim, so I guess he thinks this might be an educational experience..........!!!  (G)  I certainly hope not.  The girls are really pretty good, they haven't done anything dangerous or mean, they just don't know what is expected of them.  

It's really been hot the last few days, the donkeys come out of their pens in the morning & head for the shade of the trees.  They all have shelters in their pens, but they prefer the trees.  So this afternoon, BlackJack & Chester were play fighting in the driveway...............!! Rearing & biting & all that.  Good grief, I don't even want to go out there.  

Sha'ba & I are still fighting the good fight with the habronema on his sheath.  Just about the time I get a cluster of them cleaned out, another one pops up.  The problem is not being able to completely  keep the flies off of his skin, anywhere they land, if they drop some larvae & they stay there long enough to hatch, they start burrowing in looking for a stomach, which of course they don't find.  But they keep burrowing until they die I guess.  Just today I asked the vet if she had any miracle "fixes".  She listed all the usual treatments up to & including cutting out the cluster of larvae.  But unless you can control the flies landing on them, the problem will be back.  Very frustrating, & I feel sorry for poor little Sha'ba, he puts up with my "doctoring" & I know it's got to be very sore, since I work on it twice a day.

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