Saturday, July 24, 2010


Last night after feeding I was filling water buckets, & when I got to Tula I saw that she was choked.  Tula has been here for a long time & still just barely tolerates having a halter or fly mask put on her.  And then it is on her terms, she stands in a certain place in her pen, headed the same way, & you better approach her in the same way every time or she takes off.  At sometime in her life she has really been mentally abused & she's not about to forget it.  

I watched her for awhile, as I figured out what the next step would be if she didn't clear on her own.  Which incidently I never came up with a really good idea, except, "boy I sure hope she can clear on her own".  Finally she started licking her lips instead of dropping green slime.  WHEW!  John checkd on her later, & she was back to eating again.  

We got 1 1/2 inches of rain yesterday afternoon.  When we came in about 5 o'clock from town our wash was running bank full.  We have to cross it to get home, so we had to park the van & wade it.  Knee high, cold & running hard.  John found a 2 x 4, used that to feel his way, & I attached my little self to his belt  & we managed to get across without falling.  After chores it had gone down, so John went out & repaired the road with his little tractor, so we & the neighbors could use it.  When the wash runs, it really makes a mess of the road.  

On the way home we got stopped at one of the washes on the main road.  We probably could have made it but the van has running boards & if the water is deeper than that, even a 3 ton van might float.  When we pulled up, we noticed a young woman on the other side, on a cell phone, & her car crumpled in some trees along side the wash.  We figure she probably came around the corner,  saw the water running, jerked the wheel or slammed on the brakes & ended up in the trees.  By the time we crossed some people drove thru in a jeep & were with her.  In fact that's how we decided we could make it, by watching the jeep go thru. 


Dina said...

Your life is not easy.
I so glad it all worked out well this time.
Take care.

Tish said...

We do seem to live in an adventurous part of the world, we are certainly never bored. We do need the rain though, so I guess it's a small price to pay.

Tara Hill said...

You are the best neighbors in the world.We are blessed to have you and John. Thank you for fixing our road :)Love Tara,Chris and Destiny

Tish said...

Actually, John just got it so it was passable, in the dark. Someone else came out the next morning with a big bobcat, & did a real nice job. Hope it holds until the monsoons are over. Cross your fingers.....!!! Ha!