Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I spent yesterday afternoon, sewing up some new leggings for Jenny & Quilla.  They aren't very durable & if they fall off out in the brush, are almost impossible to find.  

This morning I replaced some of the worst ones they were wearing with new ones.  Put new ones on Quilla & about 5 minutes later noticed one of them was wadded up in a ball in Chico's pen.  Quilla will stand beside Chico's pen, Chico reaches thru, grabs a legging & they usually look like he tries to eat them.  This one was very wet, & covered with green slobber.  YUCK! 

Chico's Mom called this morning to see how he's doing.  Dr. Weaver will geld him in August if it cools off, & then he can go home.  In the meantime we are having fun with him.  He is a very nice little boy, & loves attention.  He doesn't understand why everyone else gets to go out & he doesn't though.

Lucy's foot looks terrible.  Dr. Taylor said local vets could cut it off, but I couldn't get an appointment until next week.  I hope she doesn't get that piece caught on anything in the meantime. She's walks rather gingerly on that foot, so I assume it is sore. 

It's getting harder & harder to round them up.  The problem is we are getting enough rain to really make all green things grow, & they are scarfing up everything they can find.  John even cutting down on their hay, they aren't eating all of it anyway.  There are a few mesquite beans in their poo, but not many yet.  There actually isn't a lot of beans this year on our trees, so hopefully we won't have to close burroland to the donkeys & open it up to the range cattle to eat the beans. 

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