Thursday, July 08, 2010


John came in this morning & said there was a snake eating a lizard in the dog pen.  Not a real good place to be, as Nicky thinks of himself as a great hunter.  John got a bucket & needless to say the snake was pretty easy to catch.  They are really venerable when they are eating, especially when their meal is about the same size as they are, & not built as streamlined.  

So where to put him?  There is a brush pile pretty close to where he was, but we don't know what's in it, so decided on the back yard.  We put him in a good place, went back about 10 minutes later & the lizard was gone, I didn't know they could swallow something that large that quick.  A few minutes later, we thought it might be OK to move him back to the brush pile.  So John got his bucket, went out to move the snake & it had already, coiled up under a large rock.  Later on in the day it was gone, so I guess they can move around even after such a big meal.  

Not sure what kind it was, John thought at first it might be a hog nose, but then decided it might be a young king snake, but we really don't know for sure. 

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