Saturday, July 17, 2010

This is Lupe pushing Miguel away from us today at Mae's.  When we drove in we put Chico in the trailer as soon as we got there, & then went out look for Lupe & 5 day old Miguel.  Lupe was upset because we put Chico in the trailer I guess, she came in without Miguel, snorting & looking around.  When we went out looking for the baby, she kept snorting & looking off in the distance.  I went in the direction she was looking, but she had him hid the opposite direction.  John said when he got close to him, he was standing like a statue, until she came up to him & started making him move away from us.  Mae said the first day he was born, Lupe brought him in & let Mae mess with him, but since the 2nd day she has kept him out on the acreage & won't let Mae touch him at all.  

I don't know if she was worried that Chico might hurt the baby, even though Mae was keeping him separated or what.  We'll see, now that Chico isn't on the property anymore.  Mae said Lupe has kicked at Chico thru the fence, so who knows. 

Chico basically loaded himself for a peppermint, silly boy..........!!! (G)  He's really a good little guy, came out of the trailer here into his pen, & let me put a fly mask on him, which I think is probably a new experience for him.

Dr. Weaver is suppose to come out Monday to see if he can figure out what is wrong with Frijolita's rear leg.  While he's here I'll see if he thinks it's OK to go ahead & geld Chico, even though it's hot & of course flies to contend with.  If not, he will be here probably at least until October.   

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