Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lucy has horrible feet, she is what they call a sinker.  That means her coffin bone is sitting right on the sole & the sole is sitting right on the ground.  She gets trimmed about every 5-6 weeks, & Courtney has to use a dremel tool to clean up the weird growth on the front of her hooves.  

This morning I noticed a lot of flies on her foot.  When I checked it out I noticed a large piece on the front has completely come loose, & is only being held on by the coronet band.  The coronet is where the hoof grows out from, & hers has been damaged.  It's like if you injure the back part of your fingernail, so bad, that the nail grows in weird.  
I tried to cut it off with my hoof nippers, but it's obviously sore & she didn't want me to do it.  As many flies as there were I assume the hoof material is missing underneath the piece & the foot is open like an open wound or sore.  I sprayed hydrogen peroxide behind the piece to make sure there weren't any maggots or anything like that.  Nothing came out & believe me maggots will try to run if you spray them with hydrogen peroxide. 

So I took pictures, covered it with Alu-shield to keep the flies at bay & sent an e-mail  to the Equine Center up in Gilbert.  If they say any vet can handle it, we'll have it worked on locally.  But I want to make sure as little damage is done to her foot as possible.  I just hope the piece doesn't get caught on something before we can get it cut off.  I'll call them in the morning after they have a chance to look at the pictures & see what they say. 

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