Friday, July 16, 2010

Yesterday John & I went over to Susan's to help with getting Martin & Sandi's feet trimmed.  We got there early & the trimmer was right behind us.  WOW a trimmer that is early......!!! (G)  Susan wasn't there, so we went in, rounded the girls up & started trying to work with them.  Susan says she's been working with them, but if she is, not enough.  They aren't any easier to work with than they were a couple of weeks ago.  
 Ernie, bless his heart is a patient man.  He never lost his temper even though he was on the ground a time or two.  So was I, but I knew what I was getting in to, he didn't although I  did warn him.  Two & a half hours later, they were trimmed, & just about the time he got done a little monsoon shower came thru.  Sure felt good, we were all sweaty by that time.  
Ernie is even willing to come back for another go round.  His daughter wasn't available after all this time, but he says he will bring her next time.  I sure hope Susan will do some work with them, so it makes it easier.  

Wednesday night Frijolita came in with a gimpy hind leg & really jerking her hind legs with her stringhalt  problem.  She's been doing real good for quite sometime, but something has happened.  I poked & prodded her hip down to the foot & nothing seems sore or swollen.  She still isn't getting around very well, we have her in a pen & I'm giving her bute.  Dr. Weaver will try to get out Monday.  He does acupuncture & she acts like something isn't right in her hip.  But I don't know enough about lameness to really know what I'm doing, so I'll appreciate someone that knows what they are doing look at her.  

We are suppose to pick up Chico tomorrow, so we have a pen problem as usual.  We made a pen for Frijolita & Daisy to eat in, so Chico could have the "suite".  But Daisy started picking at Friolita, I guess she wants her to get moving, so Daisy is using the new pen, & Frijolita is back in the suite as of yesterday. We will move Friolita in with Jenny today.  They usually hang out together more so than Daisy & Frijolita,  anyway,  so that should work, & Chico can have the big pen.  It's like figuring out the sleeping arrangements when a bunch of relatives come to visit..........!!! (G)

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