Monday, July 12, 2010


 CHICO, the big brother

Of course it's a boy, since we were all hoping for a girl........!!!!  Lupe was Paladin's girlfriend & he got in one last use of his "boy parts" before we rounded him up & brought him here from Dos Cebezas to be gelded & find a new home. 

We will go pick Chico up within the next 10 days & bring him here to stay until it cools off & we can have him gelded.  He is about a year old & could breed Lupe, which none of us want to happen.  

Mae called this morning all excited & thinks the new baby is the cutest thing she's ever seen.  She wanted me to name him.  I named Chico because she was calling him "the baby" & said she couldn't think of a name.  This time I gave her 5 choices, so she can choose the one she likes best.  I like Miguel & John likes Benito, but Pedro, Diego, & Pancho are also on the list.  

Chico will be going into a pen & unfortunately will have to stay there, until he's gelded.  The jennies turn into hussies when a new boy comes on the property, & this one is still armed & dangerous.....!! (G)  So that means Frijolita & Daisy are going to get ran out of their pen & will eat outside with Quilla, Lucy & Buster.  Actually being outside we can spread them out as far as necessary, to keep them from getting in each other's business. 

I need to have a jar of Swat permanently attached to my hand this time of year.  Every little scratch & scrape needs to be covered or the flies & gnats find it.  Actually they make it easy to  find, by ganging up on the spot.  

Sha'ba & I are still fighting the battle of the habronema larvae on his sheath, but we're not losing ground.  The vet gave me some Animax ointment, which use to be called panalog.  I wish they'd leave the names alone, my brain is full & doesn't need to learn anymore names.  But it is really helping with the inflammation & oozing serum.  That is what draws the flies that bring more larvae, since I've been using it, we are really making progress.  I'm hoping once I get the 6 open areas on his sheath cleared up maybe we can stay ahead of the game for the rest of the summer.  I have to keep Cisco "greased" up too, this is the first year he's not had sores on his sheath, so having to make sure he has zinc oxide on it, is a small price to pay.  

Saturday we had a nice couple come out to visit.  They have 4 donkeys of their own & 2 donkeys were found wandering close to their place.  Everyone thought it was 2 of theirs, but when that turned out not to be true, the couple said they'd take care of them until the owners were found.  No owners showed up so they were actually hoping we could take them.  Of course we are over our quota, BUT, I got an e-mail from them yesterday & a daddy with 2 little girls in the neighborhood, is going to give them a home.  YIPPEE!

Then yesterday a woman & her husband came out to visit with the donkeys.  She had called a few days ago, when a donkey wandered into her yard & wanted to know if we could take him.  Same story, we couldn't take him, but we gave her some ideas, put up signs at feed stores, etc.  A man that lives a few blocks away called & was very happy to find his missing donkey.  BUT, in the meantime Gabbie had fell in love with donkeys & now wants to get a couple of them.  She has rescue dogs & they both were just wonderful people, that will be a great home for a couple of lucky donkeys.  She's busy right now reading & trying to learn all she can before she gets donkeys.  What a novel many people get the animal first & don't have a clue how to take care of them or how to work with them.  She'll be a great donkey Mom.

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