Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Vet just left after working on Friolita.  He said she probably fell in a hole (I would guess a rock squirrel hole) & wrenched her back.  He manipulated her spine & then did acupuncture on her back & right rear leg.  She actually was a little better today, but I'm hoping that she'll get better quicker now.  

Last night Lynn, one of the minis came in 3 legged & "don't make me move, because I won't, lame.  So she had to stay in last night with Friolita.  Friolita has become fairly resigned to her fate after almost a week, but Lynn wasn't too impressed.  This morning she seemed a little better, & using Courtney's theory that as a flight animal unless it's really bad or broke, they are probably better off being able to do as they want, we let her out for the day.  She seems to be doing good this afternoon, so she'll probably get to go out tonight.  I think Friolita will have to stay in, so we can see if her treatment helped.  At least it will keep her from falling in another hole for awhile.  

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