Friday, January 09, 2009


Even John has noticed a difference in the way Judy looks compared to the first picture I took of her. Besides being more alert & interested in what's going on around her, the difference in her hair is really noticeable. I also haven't noticed her sweating like she was. The day after she got here I saw her peeing & noticed she seemed to be having trouble. She finally put out a little bit that looked really dark. I ran over & checked it, not only was it dark, it also was stringy & thick. YIKES! I ran in & hit the internet. Found out it isn't a crisis, but more liquidity & frothy is much better.

Yesterday she was in Max's pen when we drove in from town, & I noticed she was assuming the stance. Of course I jumped out of the van & watched. She started immediately, peed a good amount & as soon as she was done, I of course ran over to look. I hope no one except animal people is reading this, or they might think I'm a little odd........!!! (G) Had the texture of water, was soaking into the ground rapidly AND was frothy.........!!!!! YEA!

Still waiting for the vet clinic to call when they get the correct blood tubes for the Cushings test, but to say we are pleased with the changes in her look & demeanor is an understatement. The diet change of soaking sugar & starch out of the hay & adding a few supplements seems to have really made a difference.

Chili's interest has worn off already, but Rusty the white mule seems to think she's kinda cute. He seems to be in her area more than hanging with Max & Jack.

Everyone else seems to be doing good. Our nights are getting down into the 20's on a regular basis, & Pepper really should have a blanket on. But he gets so upset if he can't go out we have compromised. I put his boots on to help keep his scrawny legs warm, & turn him loose. So far he is doing OK, & usually when John goes out in the morning, Pepper is standing in the mini's shelter, which is where the sun shines when it first comes up. He may be old, but he knows where the warmest place on the property is that early in the morning.

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