Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here's our little mini herd, Pepsi in front, Lynn on the left, Justin on the right & Cheyenne's back in between them. They are in Jack's pen "gleaning" hay scraps. You can tell from their body shapes they really need the extra calories......!!! Every morning when we open the pens they make a beeline for Jack's pen, since it usually has the most leftovers.

Judy has taken her freedom in stride. She eats, goes out & when it's time to eat again, she shows up with the rest of the herd & goes in her pen just like a lady. She does seem to enjoy walking up behind assorted donkeys & pinning her ears as she walks. Needless to say that gets everyone moving out at a brisk pace. She hasn't made a move at any of them, so I think she is showing off her mule sense of humor.

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