Friday, January 16, 2009


Much to Pepper's disgust, although I do think he is mellowing to the idea of staying in at night with a blanket on. He had eaten all of his hay by bedtime, which is unusual. John put some more hay in for him to munch on during the night. This morning it looked like instead of munching, he had fun flinging it everywhere. He's always been difficult to get extra calories into. It looked like since he wasn't hungry he decided to see how far he could throw it.

I've decided that rather than wait to see if it's going to be cold or not, I'll go ahead & put Sha'ba & Pepper's blankets on every night when we feed. Going out in the cold when it's dark to put on blankets isn't much fun, although I do think Sha'ba realizes the pleasure of a blanket. Not sure about Pepper.

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