Tuesday, January 06, 2009


We let Judy out this morning to check out the property. She has been pacing the corral panels almost non-stop since she got here & everyone that wanted to check her out had time to do so. I opened the gate between her & Jenny, thinking they might go out together. She wasn't the least bit interested in running with anyone. Although she gathered up an entourage following her, she basically ignored them. She went straight to the driveway gate, where the trailer brought her in & from there started looking for mesquite leaves on the ground. Hopefully she won't spend all her time looking for mesquite leaves.

We haven't let Max the horse out yet. Hopefully he will behave like a gentleman, now that she is out & about. From what I've seen, she can move faster than he can, & being a mule I doubt if she will put up with much of his nonsense.

She's on her insulin resistant diet, which includes soaking her hay to remove as much sugar & starch as we can. So far only one morning was cold enough to ice over the soaking water, for which I am very grateful.......!!! (G) Can't find a pair of gloves to fit my little hands, that are not only warm, but waterproof. The more I look at her, I am almost positive she is also Cushings, so we will have her tested, as soon as the vet clinic can get the proper lab tubes for the blood test. If I wasn't going to have her tested, I'd start giving her some of Pepper's pergolide.........BUT.......... a few more days hopefully won't hurt her.

I've been massaging Chester's leg every morning before he goes out. I don't know if I'm going any good or not, but he absolutely LOVES having his leg rubbed. He likes to lay his head across my back, which doesn't help me massage, but seems to be part of the deal. I have a little thing that looks like a spider that viberates for massaging. Thought about it yesterday, found out the batteries had died, so John started figuring out how to get to the batteries. He has a long history of taking things apart, in such a way they no longer work. It took him awhile, only stripped out one screw, got the old batteries out, new batteries in, & it started jumping across the table. So tomorrow morning we will give it a try.

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