Thursday, January 15, 2009


Today we moved these 3 horses & their little friend "Hoppy" from their old home to a new home. We weren't sure about Hoppy & were prepared to have him ride in the van. He wouldn't be the first goat to ride in there, he wouldn't have even been the 2nd one....... (G) But their owner said he would be fine in the trailer with the horses. We stopped a couple of times to check on them, & he had staked out his place all the way in the front of the trailer, daring anyone to step on him. The 3 horses were riding facing the back of the trailer. We never tie animals in the trailer & have found out that every one of them, doesn't matter, horse, donkey, mule, or cow prefer to ride facing the rear of the trailer. Makes me wonder how uncomfortable it is for them to be tied, facing front sometimes for hours at a time?

We didn't get home until after say we were met by an angry mob is an understatement. At least they were very interested in getting in their pens as soon as possible to help the feeding process move along quickly.

Last night Pepper had to stay in. It was suppose to get colder & he had his blanket on. Unfortunately it didn't get as cold as the weatherman said it would. Tonight it's suppose to be warmer & so far I haven't put blankets on either Pepper or Sha'ba. When John goes out at 10 pm to let everyone out, we'll have to make a decision on whether to blanket or not. They are both old & thin, but I hate to ruin any natural ability they have to keep warm on their own. Sha'ba stays in his pen at night, so being blanketed or not doesn't impact his life like it does Pepper.

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