Friday, January 30, 2009


We're up to 7, this morning we caught not only a hooded like the other 5, but a striped one. Good grief, they are calling in the neighbors......!!!! (G) Sardines seem to be a big hit. We've updated our approach, instead of taking them 1/4 mile away, they are going about 4 miles now. John loaded the traps into the bronco, left the tail gate open, one of them was rather smelly & hauled them to the Tres Alamos Wash. He said the first one sauntered out & was sitting in front of some brush when he let the 2nd one out. The 2nd one shot out like a bullet & ran over the other one. Now these guys are different types, but the last time John saw them they were running together up the wash.

The chickens are getting use to being dragged off their perch in the dark, & stuck in a cage. This morning while I was removing them from the cage, Rowdy the rooster decided not to wait. He hopped out of the cage & jumped down into the pen with the girls. John cut another "door" in the cage this afternoon, so we can open it & they can walk out, rather than me dragging them out the door in the top.

I'm still soaking Judy's foot. I think the abscess has opened, she's walking good, but I'll soak for another day or so just in case. She also might have some thrush. I've never had much dealings with thrush, so I'm not sure if it's just smelly feet or actual thrush. But it is black & it is smelly. After I soak that foot I've been spraying the bottom with a bleach solution. I am going to change over to Lysol tonight I think. I had planned on wrapping her foot once the abscess opened, but don't want to, if there is a possibility of thrush.


the7msn said...

I thought of you last night as I was watching "Nature" on PBS - this week's episode is all about skunks! Maybe you can catch it in a repeat.

Tish said...

Believe me at this stage, I'm seeing more skunks than I want to......!!! (G) But I'll keep an eye out for that episode, I'm sure I'll learn more than I know now. I almost had a skunk as a pet when I was a kid. My stepfather's cousin had one they wanted to rehome. But when my stepfather found out why they were getting rid of it, it didn't happen. It had pulled all the insulation out of the hot water heater, & the kitchen stove. Not to mention what it had done to every drawer in the house. Kinda like a ferret on steroids, I guess......!!! (G)