Saturday, January 03, 2009

Had some people call from Benson this afternoon to come out & see the donkeys. Almost everyone was already out of their pens, so I told the woman if she didn't mind walking around thru the brush looking for them, to come on out. It was her & her daughter & they seemed to really enjoy the donkeys. As we walked around, John tricked the pushiest ones into pens. They sometimes forget their manners & start pushing on each other around visitors. Chili was particularly incensed to find himself not only in a pen, but it wasn't even his pen. He just happened to be in BlackJack & Cisco's pen, visiting with Judy, when we went out to see who we could round up before the people got here.

Judy spent most of the afternoon running the fence with the dogs. She has such a heavy coat of hair, that she really was sweating, another sign of Cushings. Once she got thru running around, she started pawing at the gate to let us know we "forgot" to let her out like all the others. We'll keep her in a few days more, to give her a chance to get comfortable in her new surroundings. Max hasn't made anymore ugly faces, so hopefully he is going to behave himself when she goes out. Actually we'll probably leave him in his pen, so she can get a chance to explore without his silliness.

Then John decided it was time for me to learn to drive the Bobcat. We had some firewood to load into a trailer, so that was my assignment, "if I chose to accept it". It's not real difficult to do things with it, but it certainly does help if you can remember which pedal, moves the bucket up & down, or tilts it. It's a good thing the trailer has lots of battle scars already. If you are suppose to put the bucket up higher, but instead drop it lower & the side of the trailer is underneath it............well, the trailer has a few more dents & scars. BUT, I did manage to get the bucket stopped & raised before I destroyed the side of the trailer. Not sure I'm ready for running around in the corrals yet, I might need a little bit more OJT in wider open spaces.........!!!!


angela said...

I'm a donkey nut..found a link to your blog over at 7MSN Ranch blog. I'm enjoying reading but have run out of time. I'll bookmark you and will come back.

Tish said...

Hi Angela:

Do you have donkeys? If not I'm sure you will.......!!! (G)