Monday, January 26, 2009

The skunks got another chicken last night. We thought we had all the entry areas covered, but obviously skunks are smarter than we are. We are going to try to set the live trap in the pen tonight with something tasty. If we do catch one then we'll have the problem of hauling it off, without us getting sprayed. And where do we haul it, far enough away, so it won't come back. We use to complain about the neighbor's dogs running loose, but at least we didn't have a skunk problem at that time. Guess we should be careful what we wish for sometimes.

Right now I'm involved in a donkey adoption that is going to be more involved than normal. A young woman that lost her older jenny to colic, came to visit a few weeks ago, & fell in love with Chili. Chili actually still has an owner that is having health problems. He had been staying here until she could figure out whether he could come home or not.

We found a wonderful home for Twinkie a few months ago, but since then her family needs to down size. Chili actually prefers girls over boys & has never really bonded with anyone here. He hangs with the group, but doesn't have a buddy. Soooooooooo I called Chili's owner & she agreed that this would be a good home. I called Twinkie's family & they also agreed to rehome Twinkie with Chili. So it's just a matter of getting them picked up & taken to their new home........!!!!! Incidently we will be gaining Frijolita, a friend of Twinkie, that is having weight problems. So although there will be donkeys moving here & there, we will still end up with the same number we have now.........!!!!! I don't think we will ever get downsized, although we keep trying.

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PaintedPromise said...

downsize? ha! what's that???

hey you i have sent you several e-mails lately and they are returned undeliverable... i keep forgetting to tell you. please send me an e-mail so i can see if i have the wrong address or what. it used to work!!!