Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We've been staying busy as usual, & everyone seems to be doing pretty good right now. Of course there is daily doctoring, but there always will be, as long as we take in the ones we do.

Chester is about as usual, still limping, occasionally 3 legged lame, but enjoying his life as it is, hanging around with Tula. I've been trying to coordinate getting the trimmer & vet out here at the same time to put him on the ground & get a good trim on his feet. His good front foot is WAY too long, which puts a lot of pressure on that foot, ankle, leg, etc. He moves around enough that if we get a good trim, he probably will self trim, like everyone else does, except for the ones that have been foundered. The trimmer is coming out tomorrow & the local vet is out of town. I called another one, (farther away of course) & she's trying to work it in. But it's so difficult to get 2 busy professionals coordinated, so one or the other doesn't have a lot of down time, waiting for the other one to show up. The trimmer is about 2 - 2 1/2 hours away & the vet at least 1 1/2 hours. So just coming out here, basically ruins their whole day. But I am determined to get him trimmed if at all possible.

We had a nice couple come out yesterday to see about adopting their first donkeys. They have 3 acres & no far......!!! They liked Belle & Shiloh, which are a bonded couple, & we will do a home study next week. It's going to be very hard to let those 2 go. Shiloh has been here almost 4 years & the first 2 years he was completely shut down emotionally. Since then he has blossomed out & become part of the herd. He still doesn't lead & we haven't tried to put him in a trailer since we brought him home, so moving him might be a lot of fun. I've notice most of the donkeys that were harshly used as roping donkeys, don't lead very well. Belle came in almost 2 years ago, with a horrible open wound that covered most of her face. She had habronema larvae & had rubbed & scratched her face, all the way to the bone. It took all summer to get it under control, & I was afraid that she would have the same problem last summer. But with fly masks & watching her to make sure she had no sores that flies could get on & drop their little hitchhikers, she made it thru fly season with no problems. She is perfect as a first donkey for someone. Well mannered, very gentle & loves people. Shiloh is very gentle, but I don't think he will ever love people, although he always likes to see children come to visit. These people have grandkids, so he'll have kids to play with.

It's cold & windy here today. John is in Tucson until late tonight, so I will get to do chores by myself. Hopefully at least the wind will die down by feeding time, they don't like wind any more than I do.

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