Sunday, January 13, 2008

COLD NIGHTS AGAIN............!!!

I have a hard time deciding whether to cover Sha'ba & Pepper with blankets at night. I don't want to ruin their natural ability to keep warm themselves, without a human saying when it's cold & when it isn't. The mornings have been getting pretty cool, this morning it was 18 degrees. No one was moving around, & once the sun started coming up they all gravitated towards areas where the sun was shining. Pepper was standing outside his pen in the sun & wouldn't move. Sha'ba was as far back in his shelter as he could get. Sha'ba isn't fat, but he does have a little more meat on his bones than Pepper does. I put their blankets on them, & Pepper immediately went in his pen, so I guess it made him more comfortable. I told them I won't keep trying to outsmart the thermometer, I'll just automatically put their blankets on every night until the nights start staying above 32 degrees.

Tomorrow is the day we take Molly Mule to her new home. She will do just fine & I would imagine have everyone on the farm wrapped around her delicate little hoof, in no time.

This video has nothing to do with my guys, but I always have it available on my computer to show people, just how fast things can go wrong. Every time I see it, I cringe, & also wonder at the stupidity of man.............!!!!!


Laura Lee said...

Dear John & Tish,
I saw that you have a video clip on your site. Does it show cruelty? I've seen too many pics of what people do to these sweet animals. Call me a coward, but I don't know if I can watch anymore. Is it bad/cruel?


Tish said...

Yes you could say it's cruel, but the one getting the "business" isn't an animal. Watch it, I think you will enjoy it...........!!!! I know I do everytime I see it.

Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish,
Hah! Loved the video clip. Especially when the guy says,"oooh"

I could hear THAT a thousand times.
Where does this person live? I will go over and kick him harder!
Just kidding?