Monday, January 14, 2008


This is Molly in her new home visiting with a little donkey & pony "next door". Actually there is a couple of horses in the pen with her, that she is choosing to ignore. The people hadn't even seen a picture of her, & fell in love with her when they saw what a pretty girl she is. They have quite a few horses in different pastures, so if she doesn't work out with the ones in this pasture there's others. I must say she really worked all the people that came over to see her. She let them touch her all over, pick up her feet & seemed to think all the attention was great fun.

On the way home I was wondering how long before we got a call about a donkey needing a home. It seems like anytime we find a home for one, another one shows up needing a home. Sure enough, when we got home, there was a message on the answering machine about an older arthritic mule, that the people want to give to us. I'm afraid this is going to be happening more often, since the price of hay is so high. We've never had to turn down an animal that needed a new home, although we have turned away young healthy animals, to make sure we have a slot for one that needs an assisted living or hospice home. I tell myself that it isn't me that is getting rid of an old friend & I wish we could take any animal that is no longer wanted. But since there is just the 2 of us, we have to make hard choices.

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