Monday, January 07, 2008

RUSTY IS TALENTED.............!!!!

John came back in this morning to tell me it wouldn't be necessary to let Rusty out of his pen today. He had already taken care of that little project himself, sometime in the night. Judging from the lack of poo in his pen & the amount of hoofprints all over the place, we assume he "escaped" early in the night. I would imagine Molly played with him as long as he would play. When we put him back in his pen for breakfast, one of the first things he did was lay down & rest for awhile..............!!!! "No fool, like an old fool", as they say....................!!!!

The cold mornings have disappeared, at least for awhile. No ice to break, & the old guys don't even need their blankets, which is great. Sha'ba never goes out at night, but Pepper usually does. If he has a blanket on, he has to stay in the pen, which makes for a cranky old donkey. His temperment is MUCH better when he is allowed to do exactly what he wants to do.................believe me.....!!!!


Laura Lee said...


So horses are also sneaky! We have to attach a chain around the gate. Otherwise the donkey's will somehow lift the latch!
I guess that Rusty just wanted to check-out the nightlife!!!

Tish said...

Actually Rusty is a mule, & I think most mules are probably smarter than the people they live with........!!!(G)