Sunday, January 20, 2008


Tish & Ringo circa 1958

Ringo was my last horse before I discovered........................CARS....!!!! You thought I was going to say boys, didn't you......?????? Ha! Ringo was a bull headed little mustang, & we had many a battle about who was in charge. I think the wins/losses were about even. He had been abused as a colt, a boy I went to school with lived close to where Ringo was raised & told me the story. I guess even as a baby he was smarter & more stubborn than the owner. So the guy snubbed him to a post & beat him with a 2 x 4. Broke his jaw & it healed crooked. Didn't slow him down any or mellow his personality. Couldn't put shoes on him, he'd walk to the nearest fence & pull them off. He had mustang feet, so really didn't need shoes. He was quick as lightening, & you needed velcro on your jeans to stay with him sometimes. I had a guy want to buy him to use in pick up races because he was so quick. He taught me a lot about patience.

I called to see how Molly was doing yesterday. As I figured she has the whole community in love with her. She gets a 2 mile walk in the morning to different areas, & again in the afternoon. She is now in with all the horses & has a couple of them that will play with her.

I noticed last night that Chester isn't putting weight on his bad leg. This morning he still isn't putting weight on that leg. He's been on antibiotics ever since the surgery, but it looks like they aren't doing the job. I've been e-mailing Dr. Taylor trying to figure out another antibiotic we might try, but so far haven't come up with anything better than what we're using. Before surgery he told us about a horse they had a few years ago with a comparable infection problem. The people wanted the horse fixed & I guess had the money to do it. Five months later & over $30,000 the horse was euthanized, so we knew going in the chances were slim to none. We won't give up unless he gives up.


Laura Lee said...

That is one handsome horse!

And P.S. I love your shades!

Tish said...

Those aren't shades, those are the lovely cat eye plastic frames of the 50's for regular glasses.

Yes Ringo was a pretty boy, besides being a gorgeous bay with a bald face, he also had blue eyes, or glass eyes as we called them. He was an eye catcher that's for sure. And a lot of fun to ride, if you could stay with him, which I didn't always do........!!! (G) He was quick as a cat.