Sunday, January 06, 2008

RUSTY HAS ARRIVED.............!!!

This is Max welcoming Rusty back into the "herd". He looks pretty good for an elderly "gentleman" doesn't he? From the looks of Rusty's mouth, he looks like he is saying something. Hopefully it's "glad to be back old friend".

Miss Molly Brown acted like a wild child, you would have thought she had never seen another equine in her life......!!! She bucked & snorted & cavorted, & pranced & in general seemed to be saying, "look at me, look at me......!" I was standing by her one time, & she turned around a tried to nip me on the arm. Not sure what that was about, but she didn't appreciate my immediate reaction.

We'll probably let him out tomorrow & he can put up with her nonsense. Tuesday we are doing a home study for her a possible home south of Tubac. Sounds great, 165 acres with lots of grass.

Thursday we are taking Fred, & his little harem of sheep to their new home. The people that came out to trim hooves & tusks are going to give them a home. She was talking about the sheep when they were here, & her husband said, "don't even think about it". When she called she said he came to her, & said he would feel bad if Fred was separated from his sheep, so they might as well take them. I can't think of a better home, she works at the Ironwood Pig Sanctuary & it will be great that he can stay with his friends, admittedly a strange relationship, but it works for them.

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Laura Lee said...

How great that Fred and his "flock" are going to another Sanctuary.
And thank God for us persistent, persuasive women!