Tuesday, January 22, 2008


We delivered Rusty to his foster home today, that is his white butt in the middle of 2 donkeys a mule & the neighbor's 2 mares. Rusty seemed most interested in the mares & the girls were really showing off for the new guy.

This morning when we got ready to go, he decided he didn't want to go in the trailer. He kept running back to where Max & Jack were. Like most mules he is very strong & after he got away from me, & then John, we finally loaded him from one of the corrals directly into the trailer. I even put a stud chain on him, just in case, but he loaded like the gentleman he usually is. I kept telling him, he was going to a wonderful place with lots of animals & once he got there he seemed satisfied, except for the fact the mares were on the other side of the fence. He even confronted the goats, or the goats confronted him, not sure exactly who started it.

Then we moved a couple of geese. I've never had much to do with geese before, but I figured they would be just like a chicken or duck, but bigger. In other words control the wings or pay the price. Actually the one I caught wasn't too bad, I eyed that big long neck & decided that would be a good handle. He made the mistake of going in the house & when he tried to run past me, I reached out & grabbed his neck..........gently of course. Once I wrapped my arms around the wings, I won the battle.

Then the fun really began. Terry wanted to put the 2 new pigs in with her other pigs. She wanted backup in case the move didn't go smoothly, which was what John & I were there for. It could have been worse, the problem wasn't the dominant female as much as it was the 2 new ones. They are young & we figured the older pigs might beat up on them. Well the older ones might have started it, but both of the young ones certainly didn't lack for guts. They didn't turn tail & run, so we had to try to get between the combatants to give everyone a chance to go find something else to do. It actually went pretty good, & when we left the young ones were still in the big pen with the others & everyone was more or less minding their own business.

I called to check on Fred the pot bellied pig yesterday. They said he is getting along just fine, walking pretty good, & has a date with the doctor next week, for "corrective" surgery. The sheep girls are also settling in & doing good. I don't think they could have found a better home, which is what rescue is all about.

Still putting blankets & boots on Sha'ba & Pepper every night. It's warmed up a little, but the nights are still below freezing.


Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish,
Good job with the geese!
In spite of everthing it sounds like it was one heck of a new experience!
I know people who have "Watch Geese" instead of "Watch Dogs."
They can attack, right?

All right! Another good home found :)


Tish said...

Yes they can attack & will, although these geese are very gentle.........noisy, but gentle. Know anyone that would like a large beautiful male goose with a very loud voice?

Laura Lee said...

We have donkeys, horses, and dogs in the same huge enclosure.They all have thier own shelters, and everyone gets along great, i.e., no trod upon feet for the three dogs!
Would a large goose be safe around equines? If not, let me know if you come across another goose that needs a home. I can make a nice pen for them.