Thursday, January 03, 2008


Almost 2 years ago, Rusty the mule came to stay with us for awhile. His family was moving on & at age 27 they didn't want him out in the world. A good non-working home with lots of animals on 5 acres showed up & off he went to start a new life. But circumstances change, & we just got a call from his owners asking if they could bring him back. Hay is up to $14.00 a bale & they are having to downsize their animal herd. When someone adopts an animal from us, they sign a contract that says the animal will be returned to us, if they can no longer keep it. So he should be back this week-end some time. He is a real nice mule, a little boy rode him to school for 2 years a few years ago, which is fascinating in this "modern" day & age.

We are actively looking for a home for "The Unsinkable Molly Brown". We put a message out on the internet for the Tucson area & have had quite a bit of interest in her. It will have to be a special home, & even then I don't know if John will let her go or not..............!!!!

Fred, the pig was playing with his ball this afternoon. That's the first time since we've had him, that he's shown interest in anything except laying around or eating. I am giving him meds for arthritic pain, & he's getting a lot more sunshine than he had access to in his old pen, so maybe he's feeling better.

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