Thursday, January 10, 2008


Fred is on the right almost out of the picture. This is his meeting with some of his new neighbors & friends. I guess we worried too much about him staying with his sheep. He hit the ground & seemed to know immediately that he was a pig.............!!! I just talked to Donna & she said he spent the whole afternoon, trying out all the pigs, male & female.........!!! Hmmmm........... guess he is going to get neutered after all. If he had been a little more "discreet" perhaps he could have gotten away without having to go thru "corrective" surgery. As crippled as he was just a few weeks ago, it is amazing how well he is getting around now. It sounds like he's going to be getting a lot more exercise, which should also help his arthritis.

The sheep girls, seemed to make the move OK. I don't know if he even knows they are in the pen, from what Donna said all of his attention is on the pigs. She said he was exhausted & fell asleep outside the barn, rather than going inside with the rest of the animals for the night. So she covered him up with a blanket. If the girls are outside with him, Annie will probably try to eat the blanket, that's what she did every time I tried to put one on him.

We went to Ironwood Pig Sanctuary after dropping the girls & Fred at their new home, & picked up 2 young pigs for our friend Terry. Terry went on the day's adventure, she came over this morning to help us load Fred, which is a good thing. I would never have thought of backing him into the crate, rather than trying to "herd" him in head first. I can say, that head first herding doesn't work very well. They have over 400 pigs at the Sanctuary, which is just mind boggling. Everything looked clean & tidy, I can't imagine the logistics of taking care of that many pigs. They even had a pig dropped off last week that had a litter of 4 babies a couple of days later. They are a week old & cute as they could be, running around like they were big guys. I doubt if they weighed a pound each. I can see why people would want them when they are so little & cute. Unfortunately they grow up into a maybe not so cute 100 pound plus pig, perhaps with attitude, that is no longer wanted. Thank goodness there are places like Ironwood doing what they can to not only help the unwanted pigs, but to educate the public.


Laura Lee said...

Fred looks happy! They ALL look happy. What a playboy that beautiful pig is!
Had to let you know that the APF you recommended for Dakota-the-horse, worked great :)
She had her teeth floated the other day, and between the APF and my soothing "System" of eye contact, everyone was surprised. You have to keep yourself very calm,and have the furkid look into your "calm eyes." It works! She never reared or pulled back.What a good girl, and she can eat better now!!!

Tish said...

Glad Dakota got her teeth done without problems. I'm sure she will be more comfortable now. Teeth, unfortunately are one of the areas that get neglected, along with feet. A lot of people don't even think about having teeth floated until the poor horse can't hardly eat.