Friday, January 18, 2008

COLD THIS MORNING..........!!!!!

It actually wasn't any colder than a lot of the mornings in December.................BUT........John forgot to turn the light on in the well house last night. Turned on the faucet in the kitchen this morning & "NO WATER"............!!! That certainly gets your attention. A lot of times when we have no water, someone has played with a hose or faucet outside, turning on the well & ran the well down, but not this time. We pressed on with chores, then about 5 minutes of running a milk room heater in the well house, fixed the problem. Tonight one of the first things he did after chores was turn on the light in the well house..........!!!! Nothing like experience to further your education, I guess.............!!!!This afternoon we went to visit these 3 girls in Tucson. They have a wonderful home in Tuscon with a couple that sees to their every need. The people have offered to foster for us if we ever have more than we can take care of. Hopefully that won't happen, but if it did this would be a perfect foster home. It's good to know, we have a Plan "B" & wouldn't have to turn down a donkey.

Next week Rusty will be going to a new home. Right now it's a temporary arrangement, but if he gets along with 2 donkeys & a mule it might be permanent. I don't see why he wouldn't, he's a pretty "mellow fellow".

I haven't checked on Molly to see how she is doing in her new home, maybe this week-end I will call.

By the way, Jenny didn't have pebbles caught in the crack of her hoof. When I got a chance to look, it turned out to be hoof material. It sure looked like a rock to me.

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