Sunday, July 29, 2007


This morning I remembered to take my camera when we changed the wrapping on Trudy's foot. She doesn't seem to be in much pain, although the pressure put on her other leg & shoulder has got to be uncomfortable. Hopefully we'll hear something this week from the Vets. I just hope there is something they can do.

Today started out with a call from a woman about a pony that she thought was colicing. She had tried to find a Vet, but of course this is Cochise County, & the week-end. She did find a Vet in Tucson that said it would be $700 just to look at the pony, if she could get him to Tucson. We talked & e-mailed back & forth & late this afternoon she asked if we could come out & give him a shot of Banamine. I took all my toys, stethoscope, bran mash, electrolytes & of course the Banamine. He's a cute little guy, the 3 boys had been walking him so he couldn't roll & he really wasn't acting like colic to me. Checked for gut sounds & he had them. They said he had been drinking water, & he didn't seem dehydrated, but he was working his mouth & making a grating sound. I've never been able to effectively check teeth. It's a good way to lose a finger or two if you aren't careful. You can grab their tongue & pull it out the side of their mouth, so they won't clamp down. But that's like trying to grab hold of a wiggly eel. They are going to call a Vet tomorrow & see if they can get an appointment. They don't have a trailer, so we said we'd haul him if they can get him in to see the Vet.

We got home late for feeding, & everyone let us know that they can tell time even if we can't. I noticed that Trudy's leg wrap I put on this morning had slipped. It was still covering the part that skids on the ground, but it was bunched & I was afraid it might be rubbing or cutting off circulation. So we cut it off & put on another. Not my favorite thing to do twice a day, believe me. I wish I could figure out a simple way to protect the front of her leg that she skids on the ground.

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