Sunday, July 22, 2007

We're staying busy as usual. Yesterday we had company, which was fun. Benny & Nina's "parents" came for a visit. They had been here a couple of times, but never had the chance to visit with all the donkeys & hear their stories. Everyone was on their best behavior, came over to be petted & acted like perfect ladies & gentlemen. Benny & Nina have wound Susan & Tom around their little hooves, & along with Rosie & Lucy the mini mule, are running the show at their place. Susan & Tom are outnumbered & seem to be enjoying this turn of events very much, which is great......!!!

We will probably be taking Molly the little mule up to Gilbert as soon as we can. Her stomach looks enlarged to me, over & above the scar tissue, where the fistulas were. She's got lots of energy, eats well, & is nosy as she can be, so hopefully I'm just being a worry wart. I am going to talk to her owner tomorrow & offer to buy her, if she won't give her to me. That way we will have say so, & responsibility for her, rather than having to check with her owner, before we make a decision. I know the owner has a rather large Vet bill for the surgery she had. She wanted to get some of her money back, so I doubt if she will give her away.

Tuesday we will go down by Sierra Vista & pick up the little donkey that was to be confiscated by the Livestock Inspector, if the people didn't give her to us. I haven't seen her, but it sounds like she isn't in very good shape. The owner said she's about 60 years old. I think that would be a record, but everyone seems to agree that she is really really old. The Livestock Inspector, said she is very arthritic, & emaciated. The owner says she has bed sores from laying down so much..........!!!! Poor old girl, I just hope we can get her in the trailer without too much trouble. She will go in a pen by Sha'ba, I'm hoping they will like each other & like to hang out together. Sha'ba is suppose to be over 40 years old.

Sounds like Jack is doing great in his new home. Haven't hear from Terry & Tula for a few days. Hope they are getting along OK.

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