Tuesday, July 03, 2007


This morning the Vet came out to x-ray Jenny's front feet. They are about as bad as they can be, the end of the coffin bone in one has dissolved. The other one still has the end, but it is curled upward. The bones higher up in the foot are "jumbled" & that is what is causing the continuing abscessing. There is a direct channel from the joints to the areas that are open at the coronary & also farther down on the foot. Long term laminitis is the probable cause. The prognosis isn't good, but I am hoping that trimmers that have worked with really bad feet might have some ideas. She's a wonderful girl, & deserves to have a life, if we can get her pain free.

This afternoon we took Tula to Terry to see if she can become more comfortable with people than she is now. She has her "comfort zones" & if you try to work with her outside of those areas, she is basically untamed. Terry is very quiet & has time to work with Tula, so we hope she can make a break thru. Terry has 2 donkeys & a mule of her own, & they were very excited to see Tula. Guess they thought "Mom" brought them a new playmate. Wait till they find out she likes to rule the roost........!!!!!

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