Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We took Jack to his new home today. He went in a small pen so the horses & Tio could check him out, & he could get his bearings, before getting up close & personal with his new buddies. Laura called Tio to come see. When he got pretty close Jack brayed & Tio got so excited. He started kicking & running along the fence, trying to get closer to Jack. It was really cute, he really seemed thrilled to have a new donkey buddy.

Molly got to go out yesterday for the first time. All my worries about her running around like a squirrel, were not necessary. She came out like a well behaved young lady, & checked things out. First she pestered Jack the donkey. He seemed to realize she was a baby, & was very good natured about it. Later she decided she wanted to hang with the "good old boys" club. That would be Max, Mirage, Jack the mule & BlackJack the donkey. Mirage would not let her into the inner circle, he kept running her off & she kept coming back. It was almost like a girl trying to sneak into the "boy's" club house. He never did let her get close to Max. BlackJack finally broke away from the gang, & she pestered him for awhile. She bit his legs & jumped on his back, & like Jack earlier, he allowed it, with good nature I didn't even know he had. Usually he is really the alpha donkey & puts up with little nonsense from mere underlings.

When we came home this afternoon after delivering Jack, there were 5 fly masks to look for. They really must have had fun today, I think that is a record. We found them all after we fed, which is a miracle. Of course 3 of them were together, which made it easy. I would imagine those all got jerked off at the same time.

We may be getting in a new donkey in the next few days. I got a call from a rehabilitation rescue about a donkey the livestock inspector is in the process of confiscating. She sounds like she is in very poor condition & very old. Since they do rehabilitation, & this is going to be more of a hospice situation, their organization couldn't take her. We're waiting to hear from the livestock inspector to see what happens next. If we do get her, we know she probably won't be with us very long, but hopefully we can make her comfortable for however long it is.


Susan said...

Ok Tish I'm making some real progress today. Are the comments viewed by the public or just you and John? I was actually thinking of having my posting name be "awsome ass" as in Awsome Ass Acres, but had second thoughts.

Tish said...

Everyone on the planet, if they want to..............!!!! (G)

Laura Lee said...

Dear Tish & John,
Hi! It's me, Laura Lee. New mother of Jack (I renamed him Jaxx). What a wonderful little boy Jack is :).
And thank you Annette & David, and everyone else who helped with Jack!
Tio is no longer the only donkey now; his mate Mia Sera was killed by a cougar.
Thanks to you, Tio has a brother in Jaxx, and I have a new little boy.
God Bless You...
Laura Lee